Products: Air

產品: 空氣



1 professional air treatment


2 O2 Generation System

製氧系統 (中央式)


3 Thermal (Hospital)

高溫殺菌式 (醫療級)

4 PCO - TiO2 (Small)

光催化式 (家用及商用)  

5 PCO - TiO2 (Hospital)

光催化式 (醫療級)

6 HEPA (Small)

高密度式 (家用及商用)  

7 Ultraviolet UV (Small)

紫外光式 (家用及商用)

8 Ultraviolet UV (Large)

紫外光式 (商用及工業)

9 Electrostatic

靜電式 (商用及工業)  

10 Multi-function (Small)

多功能 (家用及商用)

11 Multi-function (Large)

多功能 (商用及工業)

12 Toxic Gas Removal


13 Odor Removal


14 Odor Neutralise




Cold Type





抗菌 / 防霉塗層


Organic Type


Inorganic Type


PCO Type



Products: Water

產品: 水處理

Electrostatic Type


Products: Service

產品: 服務

IAQ Measurement


Water Measurement



Products: Others

產品: 其它

Automatic Dispenser

自動洗手 / 消毒機

Sticky Mat - Sanitizing

粘貼消毒地毡 - 即棄形


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1. innoclean: innoscrubber odor removal type

2. iAiR: Catalytic Honeycomb Odor Removal Type 


The most efficiency machine to remove strong odor. 
Fast and Efficiency by “innoScrubber”.
IS1001, IS1002, IS1003, IS1004, IS1005, IS1006H13HC
  When you need to remove heavy strong bad odor e.g. sewage water odor, cigarette odor or decoration material odor etc… in a short period of time. “innoScrubber” may be as the best choice for you.
The portable design let you can bring to anywhere by one hand in a short time, you can use it to destroy different odor molecule, innoScrubber also will kill airborn bacteria and virus in air by its technology.
  Easy to use
One man / woman can easy to operate the machine. Just plug in the power socket and press the On/Off button, innoScrubber will start to operate or stop.

IS1001 deodorize and remove toxic chemical after office decoration works

innoscrubber: IS1002

Produce hydroxyl radicals to oxidize odor, bacteria, mold, chemicals and other pollutants.

innoclean is1003

innoscrubber: IS1003

innoclean is1004

innoscrubber: IS1004

  Operation time for odor remove purpose
Depends on different environment and pollutant level, the following can provide you for reference:

Hotel Room                         10 – 20 minutes
Smoking Room (100ft.2 >)    5 – 10 minutes
Garbage Room (100ft.2 >)    5 – 20 minutes
Sewage Room (100ft.2 >)     15 – 30 minutes
Note: The above conditions is assume there should be no additional pollutant continuous come out in the area
  Rigid and Reliable machine
Constructed by G.I metal with Epoxy paint, it make innoScrubber become more rigid and reliable for long time use.

Size: 520 x 180 x 140mm
Indication Lamp: Yes
Weight:: 3.8 kg
Material: Metal (Al.)
UV Lamp: 2 x UVC with UVV Lamp
Power Core: 3 meters
PCO Filter: Yes
Lamp Life: < 25,000 hrs (few years)
Service area: Up to 2,000 ft.2

* Compact and Portable Size
* Low energy consumption, low maintenance
* Quiet Operation
* Adjustable speed control
* With high quality aluminum housing construction.
* No chemicals and no residual contamination.
* Remote Controller
* Timer Setting
* Ozone Generation Level setting
* Function up delayer with 10 seconds delay after turn on the machine
Size: 320L x 260H x 180W (mm)
Net Weight: 4.5kg
Electrical: voltage: AC 110 V /230V
Rated power ≤34W / Ozone output: 5 g/h
Efficient area: Max. area: 1,000 - 4,000 sq. Ft
Color: Black

* Compact and Portable Size
* Easy to use, low maintenance
* Quiet Operation
* With high quality 304 Stainless Steel housing
* No chemicals and no residual contamination.
* Button Controller. Timer Setting 10 – 120min
Size: 230L x 185H x 180W (mm).
Net Weight: 3.5kg
Electrical: voltage: AC 110 V /230V
Rated power 90W / Ozone output: 3 g/h
Efficient area: Max. area: 1,000 - 3,000 sq. Ft.
Color: Silver

* Compact and Portable Size
* Easy to use, low maintenance
* Quiet Operation
* With high quality 304 Stainless Steel housing
* No chemicals and no residual contamination.
* Button Controller. Timer Setting 10 – 120min
Size: 420L x 175H x 235W (mm).
Net Weight: 5.5kg
Electrical: voltage: AC 110 V /230V
Rated power 240W / Ozone output: 10 g/h
Efficient area: Max. area: 1,000 - 5,000 sq. Ft.
Color: Silver

Effective area may vary with environment actual pollutant level.
The above service area is for reference only.

  innoclean is1003 is1004

innoscrubber: IS1003 & iS1004

The generates ozone gas with strong oxidation and catalytic role of viruses and bacteria in the ozone gas due to a variety of free radicals, the dissociation of protein denaturation, nucleic acid and enzyme activity decreased to disinfection, sterilization , deodorization effect.

  More convenient - movable air purifier
iS1005 plasma ion air purifier and iS1006H13HC lamour flow air purifier are good choice for deal with heavily odor and chemical gas. These two air purifier are equipped wheels. User can easy to move.

iS1005 adopts plasma ion to remove bad odor, TVOC and kill bacteria. Also, it can reflect the air. Iet us feel as clean as the air in nature; high on the mountain tops, in the forest, near a waterfall.

innoscrubber: IS1005

iS1006H13HC is equipped medical grade H13 HEPA filter and professional PhotoTroph honeycomb carbon filter. The PhotoTroph honeycomb carbon filter was tested by HKPC to evalute the one pass purification efficient.

Hong Kong Productivity Council 香港生產力促進局
Test for One Pass Odor Removal Efficiency
• Food Garbage Smell: 97.8%
• Decoration Smell: 97.6%
• Cooking Fume Smell: 97.8%

innoscrubber: IS1006H13 / IS1006H13HC
  General Catalogue IS1001 and IS1002
IS1002 中文操作說明
General Catalogue IS1003 and IS1004
IS1003 and IS1004 Renovate Reference
General Catalogue IS1005
General Catalogue IS1006H13 Series



HKAPC provides effective and safe method to tackle odor problem from toilet to sewage and garbage odor. As a result of long-term research, we have developed and produced the Odor Control System which feature long service life and high performance. It demonstrates superior performance which cannot be achieved with conventional adsorption systems using only activated carbon

Working principle and the characteristics of iAiR catalyst

The iAiR catalyst is made in form of honeycomb shape, which is finished with a high active Manganese Dioxide (MnO2). This feature provides low-pressure drop and excellent contact efficiency of our systems. As a result, the high deodorizing efficiency and low operating cost can be achieved.

iAiR Catalytic Oxidizing method

Traditional carbon absorption method

Filter Media of

The filter is made of ceramic materials and formed in honeycomb shape with high cells density (350 cells/in2). The catalyst materials can be richly impregnated into the carrier by using the advanced Nano-technology. filter decomposes the odor through catalyst oxidation.



Honeycomb structured 

Low pressure drop and excellent contact

Inorganic fiber base 

Incombustible, Highly porous, Light in weight

Catalytic oxidation

Decomposing unpleasant odor substance

Combined design 

Few restrictions with regards to shape

Odor Reduction Efficiency

An Odor Assessment Test of the Odor Control System was performed by Odor Research Laboratory of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The Odor reduction efficiency of treating synthetic odorous gas originated from biodegradable waste is more than 82.99%.


Catalytic Odor Removal Mechanism

filter employs catalytic oxidation to decompose the unpleasant odor substances. This gives a higher performance and longer service life than the adsorption method.



SWAN - Wall Mount or Table Stand Type / 掛牆或坐枱式

Dove - Ceiling Mount Type / 吊天花式


General Catalogue IS1001 and IS1002
IS1002 中文操作說明

General Catalogue IS1003 and IS1004
IS1003 and IS1004 Renovate Reference
General Catalogue IS1005
General Catalogue IS1006H13 series

Job Reference in Hong Kong, Testing Report and Certificate

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