Products: Air

產品: 空氣



1 professional air treatment


2 O2 Generation System

製氧系統 (中央式)


3 Thermal (Hospital)

高溫殺菌式 (醫療級)

4 PCO - TiO2 (Small)

光催化式 (家用及商用)  

5 PCO - TiO2 (Hospital)

光催化式 (醫療級)

6 HEPA (Small)

高密度式 (家用及商用)  

7 Ultraviolet UV (Small)

紫外光式 (家用及商用)

8 Ultraviolet UV (Large)

紫外光式 (商用及工業)

9 Electrostatic

靜電式 (商用及工業)  

10 Multi-function (Small)

多功能 (家用及商用)

11 Multi-function (Large)

多功能 (商用及工業)

12 Toxic Gas Removal


13 Odor Removal


14 Odor Neutralise




Cold Type





抗菌 / 防霉塗層


Organic Type


Inorganic Type


PCO Type



Products: Water

產品: 水處理

Electrostatic Type


Products: Service

產品: 服務

IAQ Measurement


Water Measurement



Products: Others

產品: 其它

Automatic Dispenser

自動洗手 / 消毒機

Sticky Mat - Sanitizing

粘貼消毒地毯 - 即棄形


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Toshiba, Electrostatic Precipitator, EP, Smok Eater, Smoke Remove, air cleaner, air purifier,             空氣清新機,             空氣淨化器,             室內空氣質素, HKAPC

"Toshiba" Plasma Air Purifier - Cigarette Smoke & Odor Eater

Equipped with World’s first

Plasma-Activated Photocatalytic System

Air Purifier, Air Cleaner - Catalytic Honeycomb, Plasma

Smoke, VOC & Odor Removal, Bacteria & Virus Kill


催化式分解有害物質及紫外線殺薗式 - 美國哈佛大學測試報告
Toshiba - Model: ACD-S20B - Smoking Room Air Purifier (吸煙房空氣淨化器)

Toshiba - Model: ACD-L25B - Conference Smoking Table (會議吸煙台)

Toshiba - Model: ACD-L25B - Conference Smoking Table (會議吸煙台)

Solution for Tobacco Smoke, Bacteria, Virus, Bad Odor & Toxic Gas e.g. formaldehyde, benzenes, ammonia and TVOC mainly

Plasma, Ozone and Catalytic air cleaner: Toshiba


  Plasma-activated photo-catalyst and ozone are powerful oxidizing agents with outstanding air sterilization ability. Thank you to these powerful sterilization tools, harmful microorganisms are either killed or inactivated within Toshiba air clean system in a short period of time. No harmful substances are released or remained.
No replacement of filter is needed.
Ozone commonly used in sterile rooms and surgery rooms in hospitals. Within Toshiba Air Clean System, ozone is generated. After air sterilization, ozone will pass through an ozone decomposition filter and restored into oxygen. The air leaving the machine is FREE OF OZONE and any other harmful substances. It is a safe and reliable method for air sterilization.


  In addition to Harvard University (USA), air sterilization performance has also been verified by the Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences (Japan)!  

The world’s first commercial air cleaner

New photocatalytic system based on electric discharge and porous ceramics
Plasma – Activated Photocatalyst

* The plasma-activated photocatalysts vigorously decompose odor molecules and harmful chemicals. No odor remains inside the device.
* The plasma-activated photocatalysts do not require a lamp for generating ultraviolet rays. This eliminates the trouble of lamp replacement and disposal.

How the Plasma-Activated Photocatalyst System Works
1 Ultraviolet rays and ozone are generated in the air when an electric current discharges from a positive electric pole to a negative one. The electric discharge and ozone effects break down odors and formaldehyde and kill or inactivate air borne micro-organism.
2 The exposure of titanium oxide to ultraviolet rays generates hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals from oxygen and water in the air. The oxidation power resolves odors and harmful chemicals, and kills or inactivates air-borne micro-organism.
3 Ozone resolving filters break down ozone into oxygen. The oxidation power decomposes odors and harmful chemicals, and kills or inactivates air-borne micro-organism.
Power of Light (Photocatalyst)
Plants generate oxygen from carbon dioxide and water, with sunlight and chlorophyll as catalytic substance. A photocatalyst uses the same system that plants do in photosynthesis. Oxygen and water in the air decompose odor molecules and harmful substances on exposure to ultraviolet rays (light) with titanium oxide as a catalytic substance. Today this photocatalyst technology is applied to refrigerators and lighting as well as toilet deodorizers and stain-proofing.
This hybrid air-purification system combines two technologies that are friendly to people and the environment: Plasma-activated Photocatalytic Deodorizing and Sterilization Technology and Needle Discharge Two-Step Charged Dust Collection Technology.

* In contrast to filter systems, the needle discharge system will not clog and can maintain high performance over a longer period of time.
* The needle discharge system enables peace of mind during operation since it is not susceptible to broken wires like systems using ionized wires discharged from extremely thin wires.

Needle Discharge

Two-Step Charged

Dust Collecting System


Toshiba MnO2 Honeycomb Deodorizing

Toshiba's MnO2 Catalytic is a honeycomb-structured substrate employing an inorganic fiber as the base material, manufactured using an advance corrugation process. This innovative honeycomb-structured substrate features both a low pressure drop and excellent contact efficiency. By impregnating the Toshiba's MnO2 Catalytic with various active chemicals, it is now possible to use it in diverse applications previously considered impossible.

Odor Removal

In recent years, environmental pollution is an increasing serious issue,
and we are surrounded by a wide variety of unpleasant odors, bacteria and viruses. In addition to being unpleasant, they also have an adverse effect on our health.
Conventionally, odor removal methods have included adsorption media using active carbon. However, there is a problem in incorporating active carbon in home electrical appliances due to the odor adsorption life of the carbon.
Toshiba has extensive experience in the area of odor technology based on many years of experience, and we have developed a broad spectrum of long service life high-performance catalyst odor removal filters. This has made it possible to incorporate these products in home electrical appliances.
Recently, photo excitation catalysts have been developed. In addition to odor removal functions, they also have a bactericidal effect and studies are being conducted on employing them in many new applications.

Odor & VOC Removal Filter MnO2 Honeycomb Catalytic and Photocatalytic Series

The main constituents of the gases that pollute the atmosphere include ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptan in odorous substances and formaldehyde given off from interior decorating materials used in house building and NOx (nitrogen oxide, etc.) contained in automobile exhaust gas.

Filter Media of Toshiba

The filter is made of ceramic materials and formed in honeycomb shape with high cells density (350 cells/in2). The catalyst materials can be richly impregnated into the carrier by using the advanced Nano-technology.Toshiba MnO2 Honeycomb Catalytic and Photocatalytic filter decomposes the odor through catalyst oxidation.

MnO2 Honeycomb Catalytic Features: 
The MnO2 catalyst is made in form of honeycomb shape, which is finished with a high active Manganese Dioxide (MnO2). This feature provides low-pressure drop and excellent contact efficiency of our systems. As a result, the high deodorizing efficiency and low operating cost can be achieved.

Catalytic odor removal uses a mechanism of oxidizing the unpleasant odor substance, and so decomposing it. This gives a higher performance and longer service life than other deodorizing methods.



ACD-S20B Catalogue (English): P1  P2  P3  P4  P5  P6

ACD-S20B, ACD-H25B, ACD-L25B: Catalogue (中文)

ACD-S20B, ACD-H25B, ACD-L25B: Specification

ACD-S20B Operation Manual (English): P1  P2  P3  P4  P5  P6  P7  P8

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