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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 室內空氣質素設備, 室內空氣質素測試 - Home

Your Indoor Air Quality Solution Provider - Indoor Air Quality Centre "室內空氣質素中心"

Listen, ask questions and address each specific concern.  Only through this approach do we feel that we can effectively achieve our goal of providing "needed" consulting services, rather than simply completing engineering tasks.

Indoor Air Quality Centre "室內空氣質素中心" has continually responded to the changing needs of our clients.  The result has been a greatly broadened range of services involving many engineering skills.  These skills include the engineering disciplines of HVAC, plumbing, environmental, indoor air quality and systems commissioning.

As we've grown, we've added professionals with practical, hands-on experience to build our depth of staff; this enables us to serve a greater number and larger range of clientele.

For the future, our interest in responding to our client's needs remains most important.  We will adapt our services to meet those needs, and will always continue to employ highly qualified professionals who are able to solve problems with unique and innovative solutions.


We Listen, ask questions and address, responding to our clients needs remains most !

本中心提供室內空氣質素測試, 協助提供政府部門認可之測試報告及註冊工程師簽處之室內空氣質素証書.

提供專業意見, 協助改善室內空氣質素及辨理申請於政府部門註冊証書.

Copyright @ 2017 Indoor Air Quality Centre "室內空氣質素中心"

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